History brought us here.

Digital Creativity for Jeep

For the renewal of the legendary Jeep Grand Cherokee, we created this digital creativity that shows people how they are linked to the history of Jeep, in a very peculiar way.

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A brand with 70 years of innovation.

Icon of freedom, adventure, adrenaline and toughness. Jeep needs no introduction, it is a classic brand that is part of our lives and history.

But Jeep is also an innovative company. After 70 years he introduced his revolutionary new Grand Cherokee and that’s why they asked us to carry out an equally innovative action for its launch, which would have the motto: “History brought us here”.

The Display Ad.

We developed a display ad that invited people to click to see the new Jeep Grand Cherokee for the first time. In doing so, the ad secretly loaded some pages in the browser history.

The Trick.

At the end of the video, a call to action invited people to check their browser history and discover that Jeep had always been part of their history … for real!

The Surprise.

When people opened their browser history, there was Jeep. From there, users can navigate directly to the part of the story that interested them most.

The different links led to different milestones in the history of the legendary brand, hosted on a microsite that we created for the occasion.

The Microsite.

The site showed the key moments of the evolution of Jeep in depth. At each point, incremental innovations were indicated, until arriving at the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.