Integrated campaign for MURO


In the year in which Lisbon was the Ibero-American Capital of Culture, the following Integrated Campaign for MURO forever changed the perception of the brand.

Creative Director

Creative direction
Creative strategy
Production supervision

Leo Burnett

An international challenge.

MURO ​​Street Art Festival is an initiative of the Lisbon City Council to integrate disadvantaged neighborhoods through street art culture.

MURO ​​transforms empty walls into art, turning entire neighborhoods into art galleries. For this mission it counts on local artists and some of the best street artists in the world.

The challenge was to convey the international dimension of the festival to attract more artists and audiences without losing sight of the pillars of the MURO brand and its culture of integration.

Is it possible to build a wall to unite people?

MURO ​​did not have it easy. The media had all their attention focused on another wall, the one that separated the United States and Mexico. Instead of competing with this news, we decided to change people’s paradigm regarding this issue. If Trump used his wall to separate people, WALL would use it to unite them.

This is how the “A Better Wall” campaign was born.

Website screenshot of the integrated campaign for MURO

3,200 km of virtual wall to change the way we understand walls.

We developed a website where you could find a digital replica of the so-called “Trump wall.” A 3,200 km virtual wall where artists from all over the world could leave their messages of unity, uploading their works or painting directly on the wall with virtual sprays.

Some of the graffiti painted on the website's virtual wall that was later transferred to the real world.
Various graffiti painted on the website's virtual wall

From the virtual world to the real one.

The virtual wall was also projected on the Festival grounds and some of the paintings were reproduced on the streets of Lisbon. One of the most emblematic was that of Alex Tadlock and Cix Mugre, artists from the United States and Mexico, respectively.


An integrated campaign for MURO and inclusive for people.

Artists from more than 50 different countries left their paintings on our virtual wall. More than 2 million people saw the campaign (in a country of 10 million) and the commitment to MURO multiplied by 9. But people did not stay in front of the screen, the number of visitors to the festival doubled compared to the year former.

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