Visual identity reface for RTVE


Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) decided to update its image worldwide. This is the reface we made for their audiovisual corporate identity.

Art Director

Art Direction
Production Supervision

Ink Apache

A project seen by more than 200 million people.

RTVE is the largest Spanish public radio and television corporation in the world. Through its eight television channels and six radio stations, it brings the Spanish language and culture to almost every country on the planet.

Our challenge was to translate the personality of each brand in the group into a unique and inspiring visual concept, without completely breaking with the latest branding style.

TVE1 Concept board with several images
TVE1 Color palette

Different channels, different personalities.

From a cultural channel to a children’s or sports channel, after investigating the different channels, we reduced them to their essence. We then defined unique visuals, sounds, and animations that represented their personalities.

TVE2 Color palette

A more sensory experience for RTVE.

We provide greater depth of field and include organic elements in the animations. In combination with the audio, composed specifically for each piece, we designed a different sensory approach for each channel.

Teledeporte concept art
Teledeporte color palette

A refreshment of RTVE’s identity, a new experience for its viewers.

The new reface was launched for the different RTVE brands around the world. The channels reinforced their unique personality and positioning, strengthening their visual coherence.

The renovation also gave RTVE a more modern look, with fluid animations and newer post-production effects. All this without abandoning the principles that defined the strength of the previous visual identity.

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