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Multiply the traffic, leads and sales of your HR app or platform.

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Attract, captivate, convert.

70% of marketers report that video has increased brand awareness and 80% report that it has directly increased sales.

Stand out and attract 80% more traffic

Video content attracts 80% more traffic and helps to retain information better.

Get 66% more qualified leads

Videos increase the qualified leads that brands receive by 66%.

44% easier purchase decisions

44% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

From spark to spectacle.

Check out the latest campaign we produced for YO! an HR platform that we helped develop their launch campaign from the initial concept.

“We really liked it. The interpretation of the project was excellent.”

Raquel Cardoso
Product Manager at YO!

Reach your audience wherever they are.

Whether you envision a single video for your website or a comprehensive cross-platform campaign, we create each specific format you need.

  • Marketing videos for your website
  • Short format ads for any platform
  • Organic Social Media Videos

Time to think bigger.

We have developed a very agile process that leverages our extensive resources to deliver high quality solutions, no matter your goals or budget size.


Lower production costs

Our extensive stock resources and expertise allow us to create high-quality videos with fewer shootings, maximizing your budget.


Faster campaign rollouts

We’ve optimized our production process for lightning-fast video delivery, allowing you to run more campaigns and get results quicker.


Less project meetings

We streamline the process with fewer video meetings, giving you more time to focus on your business while we handle the details.

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Free project consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you’d like to know about Creatology, without having to raise your hand

We create all kinds of promotional videos, from commercials to product videos, customer testimonials, educational videos, presentations, social media content, etc.

Our process adapts to your needs and the characteristics of your order, but generally includes:

  • Discovery and creative strategy definition phase
  • Pre-production phase
  • Production phase
  • Post-production phase
  • Adjustments and delivery

The price of a video depends on several factors, such as the length of the video, the complexity of the content, and the additional elements required. However, we always have very competitive prices.

In our free consultation, we try to understand your needs and how to address them based on your budget. From there, if you wish, we will send you a proposal with our solution and a breakdown of what it includes, without any commitment.

The rights of use of the delivered materials are limited to digital media. This includes, among others, use on websites, social networks, streaming platforms and other digital media.

The rights to use any part of these materials on television or radio are not included in this budget and must be negotiated separately.

In the first phase of the project, you can give us your general vision of the project and specify your needs. In the following production phases, we will collaborate with you at all times to adjust how we carry out that vision, so that we achieve the desired result.

From a minimum of 48 hours to approximately 2 or 3 weeks. We will always indicate the duration in our proposal, once the project details are known, so that you can plan your resources in advance.

During the various phases you will have the opportunity to give your feedback and make changes, adjustments, revert the project to a previous phase or even stop it if you are not happy with how it is progressing.


To start working with Creatology, you only need to have an idea of the type of video you need, your goals, and your budget. During the first meeting, we can help you define the rest.