It could be cheaper

Art Direction for El Árbol

El Árbol reached out to us to campaign on how tight their prices were for products of such excellent quality. This was the final result.

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A matter of perception

“El Árbol” is a “Dia Group” supermarket chain in Spain. Although it is known for the excellent quality of its fresh produce, its prices were perceived as a bit expensive. To increase its market share, El Árbol asked us to change people’s perception.

The true price of quality.

For this campaign, we offered three people the opportunity to receive quality fresh products from El Arbol for free. They just had to participate in a commercial.

Later they would discover that the only way to obtain these products at a lower price was to collect them directly from their origin. Because of this, they became shepherds, fishermen, and farmers for a day.

In the end, getting their hands dirty seemed like a much higher price than just getting them from “El Árbol”.