The Biggest Prize is Sharing.

Art Direction for Christmas Lottery

Leo Burnett gave a twist to the Christmas campaigns in Spain. This Art Direction for the Christmas Lottery belongs to one of the most remembered.

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Reinventing Christmas campaigns.

After years of declining sales of numbers for the Christmas draw. The Spanish Lottery wanted to renew its communication. Our team chose to present a truly emotional Christmas campaign of never-before-seen proportions.

And our client loved it.

Estilo de diseño para la Dirección de Arte de Loterias

The Art Direction for Lotteries was based on Classic Christmas Tales.

The campaign told a Charles Dickens-style Christmas story. So we decided to focus the Art Direction on transmitting that we were facing a classic Christmas story brought to our day. To do this, we relied on old typefaces and designs mixed with a color palette and photos based on recent Christmas movies.

Several stories within the same story.

There were details that were not explained in the main story but that further enriched the brand experience. Accordingly, we designed an immersive website where people could delve into the bar’s story and the lives of their characters.

0 M
2 K
3 M
+ 105 M

The most viral Lottery Campaign in Spain?

8 million people saw “The greatest prize is sharing” and spontaneously generated more than 5,000 parodies. In addition, it was trending topic for 3 consecutive days and generated an impact in the media for € 7.4 million.

As a result, Lottery sales increased by € 110 million compared to the previous year, after six consecutive years of decline.

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