Integrated Campaign for Heineken

Heinken «The Cave»

We created this integrated campaign for Heineken in which various apartments were converted into epic soccer caves to enjoy the Champions League.

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Is it possible to enjoy a soccer match when your team is not playing?

With all Portuguese football teams out of The Champions League, Heineken gave us a challenge: How could we encourage the community to follow the competition since their teams were no longer participating?

And we accepted the challenge.

Building a paradise for soccer lovers.

Watching a soccer game is a holistic experience. Being with your friends, enjoying a beer, having fun at the break … So we designed perfect places and experiences to enjoy a game at home, even if your team was not playing.

We called them “Caves”. It consisted of modified apartments in Lisbon and Porto full of gadgets and surprises that all football fans would only dream of, including a room full of Heineken (yes, I said a “room”).

To complete the experience, every week a limousine picked up a team of friends who won the weekly contest through our Facebook Messenger and took them to the closest Cave.




The Cave proved that is not all about soccer.

4,000 participants signed up to get access to a Cave. But they also involved their friends. 567 teams enjoyed soccer and fresh Heineken during Champions League matches, even without their teams playing. As a result, Heineken increased its sales to 6% during the campaign.