Who is Zarik?

Hi, I’m Zarik. I specialize in integrated digital campaigns and content creation. For more than 15 years I have been collaborating with production agencies, clients and international markets, including Spain, Portugal, UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. I have also managed and trained various creatives and content creators around the world to raise their productivity, creativity and the quality of their content.

My story.

For many years, I worked as an offline Art Director in advertising agencies and TV production companies. Later I entered the digital world and thanks to my online and offline experience I specialized in integrated advertising and communication.

As Creative Director, I have managed teams of up to 8 people, pitching and winning 13 clients in record time and receiving 13 awards. I was also nominated for “Best Creative Director of Portugal” in 2018.

Throughout my career, I have defined and implemented Integrated Creative Strategies for dozens of brands and developed national and international campaigns for more than 50 clients spread across several countries.

Areas of expertise

Integrated Creativity

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Web Design
Social Media
UI Design


Creative strategy
Estrategia de campaña
Content strategy
Diseño UX


Brand Strategy
Brand Story
Brand Identity


Local SEO
International SEO

My approach to creativity.

The most creative work usually emerges from the most disciplined processes. Therefore, before creating, I deepen in the order as if it were my own brand.

I analyze the objectives and challenges that the project entails and what will be the best way to connect with the public. For this, I analyze the social behaviors, trends, and data from which the insights on which the project will be based will emerge.

All the pieces are integrated around a holistic vision of the project and a well-defined planning. From there begins the process of creation, test and constant improvement, until we get an excellent, relevant job, above any expectation.

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